Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kona Grill...and the wonton croutons....WATCH OUT NOW!

Kona Grill... A lovely place in the heart of Cherry Creek...mall. I wanted to shine some light on this place because they make a MEAN Salmon Salad - Sweet Chile Glazed Salmon Salad to be exact... POW!!!
Delicious...What really makes this salad is the make of DRESSING, greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, and more that I could be forgetting because once you take a bite of the WONTON CROUTONS YOU'RE HOOKED!!! Seriously. There is however - one thing...that makes it very hard to eat - their salmon is FARMED RAISED...
That my friends bothers me. Not something I would be except in my own house but figure I'd count this as my free day...and fish is the only thing I am willing to make exceptions about. Anyway - the main reason this truly bothers me is because I would figure a restuarant that is: A. In Cherry Creek B. Has that ridiculous FREE parking valet for anyone with a damn mercedes BS C. Cost $16.00 D. For the pure sake of not ruining such delight.............................BE WILD CAUGHT.
I'm just saying...this does play a part in what our table discussed this sunny afternoon at lunch. was the delicious. The salad that is. The salmon played with my head and decreased my likings by 20 percent. I still recommend this lovely make up though! Let me know what you think!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You'll be HOOKED on...Hot Chick-a-Latté!!!

Espresso is a part of my life. I enjoy it. Need it. Love it. And drive miles out of my way for the perfect cup! In the Summer it's Iced Latte with 3-5 shots depending on the day... Winter months order is just the same but hot... Anyhoo...I wanted to share a place that serves great coffee and a sort of others such as "Morning Wood, Banana Hammocks, Nooners and Cherry Poppers" !!!
All I can say is delicious and certainly a LOVED business in the Mayfair community. When they first opened a few years ago there was some gossip about the local barista's that wear "sexy" attire! I remember hearing a few mothers say how "inappropriate" they thought it was for the neighborhood! Well...all I can say is that I didn't listen. I had been anxious for our community to have a quality place to grab a coffee and go! And not Starbucks...I wanted a GOOD cup of Joe. So - kids and all, we packed into the car and turned into the drive up...and WHAM! Certainly not what I expected and was HOOKED!!! (My kids had an awesome time trying to figure that out!) I have been a returning customer...pretty much everyday. AND they have punch cards for free coffee!!! YOU can't get that at StarYucks!! Check them out sometime. All of the girls are SO AWESOME!!! And they HULA HOOP!!! Definitely one of my Top 5 Coffee Shops!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A taste for Onion...

The Archive Room was not my first choice while visiting the local bead shop out in Arvada, Colorado. I wished for UDI's but they were closed due to the holiday. So my mother and I set out to find a new place...or rather just walked across the street hoping we would be pleased. And...WE WERE!!! It was a dark, manly place but not so much where you felt like you were at a sports bar. They had archived newspapers from many memorable events over America's history nicely framed on the walls. The staff was warm and the menu was built around comfort. If you are a serious meat eater they have a handful of items that looked delicious. However, I almost ordered the Fish and Chips plate which looked delicious from the table next to mine but I asked her first what they specifically did to their French Onion soup (most places I have been to around town just don't know what to do with all those onions and disappointment sets in quickly). By the description the waitress gave me? I HAD to try it! And what arrived at my table...
OH MY GOSH!!!???!!! Right??? What you see here is a full onion - with its insides out, lightly broiled and then soup added in the middle, bread and cheese broiled on top!! WOWZA!!! I think using the full onion was GENIUS and made so much SENSE!!! Never been to a restaurant that served it such way. AND it was DELICIOUS! The broth was nice and dark, great onion taste and naturally the cheese on top made the whole thing come together. I highly recommend The Archive Room's French Onion soup. It was a delight! I also had the house salad which was fresh and well proportioned. The ranch was homemade which is important to me. A bad ranch dressing can ruin any meal. Seriously. I will be back again. My mother had the burger which was also good - they used the perfect bun and the fries where yummy.

Kalina Ross is Hungry!!! the recent years my food preferences have shifted 360 degrees. I am an organic meat and dairy eater. Any other item on the shelf that may include any other non natural ingredient is quickly steered cleared from. With this - I have dropped 30 pounds and have never felt better about changing the way I eat and now try to educate and live up to my new views on nutrition. I wasn't always like this and I am aware of how some people view organic eaters but once I made the change returning back to my previously normal eating habits was no longer an option. I have been ridiculed to the point of tears for this. It saddens me that people are so quick to judge about a way of eating only YOU are agreeing to practice. I have never judged someone for the way they eat and feel that as humans - good food should be standard. I am on a constant quest throughout Denver to feed the need for good, wholesome, food. Follow me as I explore some of the most delicious places around town! Now, no one is ever perfect and there are some exceptions at times!!! Lastly, healthy eating is easier than you think. It takes a few changes and some honest effort! You will feel the difference and it will be worth your time. Stay tuned...